Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's Nothing Quite Like Old Friends Part 1

About a month ago Brady and I met up with my college friend Beth (Meeks) Garza , her daughters, and her mom at the NC Museum of Life and Sciences. Beth's parents live about 30 miles north of Durham and she and her girls were staying with them for a bit before moving to a new home. I was glad to get a chance to see them. Beth's oldest, Camilla and Brady are only a few weeks apart in age. Despite not being together in over a year the girls were thrilled to see each other and played quite well together. I was pleased to see my friend, too. It is always a joy to be around Bethers.
We explored the new Dino Trail, the Butterfly House, rode the train, ate at the outdoor cafe (Thanks Cass!) and explored the indoor play area. It was a fun-filled morning.
Unfortunately, I was never able to capture a great picture of the big girls. But, check out this adorable little one. She was so easy. Very different from the older two! As in the previous post, I am so thankful for old friends. We may not see each other often, but when we do it is just like old times with a few extra little blessings added.

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