Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not So Simple

This picture taken at the bathroom mirror was created shortly before B's 2nd Birthday.

We've been dealing with some major meltdowns for the past few months. It has wreaked havoc on all of us. Today as the calm was making it's way back over me I thought about the words I've spoken to Brady over and over again. "It's very simple, obey and be happy and things go well: you get to have treats... do fun things... But, if you disobey and act the wrong way, you'll be punished, won't get to have good, fun things." And then it hit me; the Lord pricked my heart. How many times has He tried to tell me the same things? How stubborn am I in my disobedience? Oh, Brady, my dear child, I'm working on these simple lessons, too.

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