Monday, September 28, 2009

Sidewalk Drawing/Writing

The lion pictured above is possibly my favorite drawing of Brady's to date. One evening after dinner we spent some time doing a little shared drawing and writing. Brady worked on writing some letters off and on all summer. Sometimes she was very interested, other times she didn't care about it a lick.
I've found that using less conventional writing materials peaks her interest. She seems to feel much more free to explore both writing and drawing with interesting materials. I'm guessing this is true for most little ones. Sidewalk chalk, bathtub crayons, a stick in the mud are all much more fun and more forgiving than paper and pen. On this night we focused on drawing some animals and items we had recently seen in the Madagascar 2 movie and then labeling them. Brady wrote the letters she knew and even tried a few new ones and I filled in the rest. It was a lot of fun and she was so proud of our creations.

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