Saturday, June 27, 2009

Constant Chatter #1

I'm going to try to use this blog as a source for keeping up with some of the funny or insightful things heard amidst Brady's Constant Chatter. Here's our first installment, vacation in Arkansas edition.

Brady and I were negotiating her meal.

Me: "Have 3 more drinks of your milk and then you can have some ice cream."

Brady (big eyed): "I was actually thinking the EXACT same thing."

While at the lake Brady was attached to my 10 year old cousin Lizzie. And Lizzie was usually glad for her companionship. One morning Lizzie went out on the boat before B had arisen. Brady was heart broken. She said (very dramatically with a little mist in her eyes), "Why is Lizzie not that into me this year."

Uploading Photos Help

I can't figure out how to arrange photos once they've been uploaded. The photos are rarely where I want them to be. It is very frustrating. Any advice?

To see cute pics of B at a farm scroll on down to the previous post.

Farmer Brady

Back in March our playgroup went to Spence's Farm in Chapel Hill. This place was amazing! It is an actual working farm that does tons of fun stuff with kids. They have after school programs, summer camps, etc. I knew it would be a fun experience, but because our playgroup is mainly compiled of the 3 and under set I was skeptical about how much could be accomplished. Man, did they ever exceed my expectations! The farm and the guides who work there were fantastic. I seriously think this may be my favorite activity Brady and I have done thus far.

The events for the day were digging for worms and weeds, feeding worms and weeds to the chickens, gathering newly laid eggs, observing various other farm animals, brushing ponies, riding a pony and/or a donkey, eating lunch and playing on the playground at the farm. What a fun-filled outing!

Brady is socially and academically confident, but when it comes to the playground or physical activities she is cautious and clingy, overall unsure of herself. You can imagine that this can make for a frustrating playdate when I am longing to speak with adults and she won't leave my side. So, I was pleasantly suprised when B acted as though she was born and raised on a farm. She led the way from activity to activity, pulling the guide's hand rather than mine. She held a chicken for longer than any other kid. So long that the chicken was running for her dear life by the time she put it down. She also held a rooster and a baby chick. She was thrilled to ride a pony and a donkey. And I got to sit back and watch with great pride at my little farmer.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

33 Candles

This is what 33 candles look like. My mom sent me "a Birthday party in a box" for Brady to help create in order to celebrate my Birthday! My mom is crazy like that. It had cupcakes from a cupcake shop in Little Rock, candles, frosting to put on the cupcakes (the bakery wouldn't send them frosted), sprinkles, napkins, plates, and balloons.

A friend took me out for breakfast to eat a local legendary chocolate croissant on the morning of my Birthday while our kids were at preschool. Then I picked up B and we had hours of fun shopping, eating, and playing. We grabbed a bite to eat at a favorite resturant with Adam once he got off work, and of course we had our party in a box. It was a great day!

ABC's and 123's Birthday Party

A few months before the big day I was so struck by the cuteness of some little alphabet pretzels that I got the idea to have letters and numbers be the theme for B's party. Brady has been very into the alphabet since she learned the letters at 18 months old and into counting since she was teeny tiny, so it seemed like a fun theme. I knew it might be my last year to dictate the theme, colors, etc. So, I went for it. Ironically, they stopped selling the pretzels when it came time for the party. No problem, we had plenty of great food that fit the bill. Alphabet pasta salad, letter-shaped PB&Js, number cheese slices, letter-shaped brownies, cookies, and cupcakes with tiny letter cookies on them.

Some of Brady's good friends from our playgroup came to the party. I made little coloring sheets that featured the first-letter of each kid's name. They used crayons and dot markers on the sheets. Then they spelled their names with little foam letter stickers and stuck them on acrylic frames. The guests also strung little foam beads onto pipe cleaners to make simple bracelets. We sang Happy Birthday, ate our refreshments, and the kids did a lot of playing. For the parting goody bags I stenciled the kids' initials and filled 'em up with gummy letters, alphabet stickers, and foam letter puzzles or hangman game for our big kid friends. (This pic was taken well after the party, notice the cluttered table.)

It was the perfect party for our little 3 year old Brady! Thank you friends for helping celebrate our girl's big day with your prescence. And we're thankful for the presents, too.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

B turns 3!!!

So, it happened, my girl turned 3! On her actual Birthday she missed school in the morning because of the snow (see the previous post) and then got sick that night. Darn winter Birthdays. My own Birthday was always marked by either snow or sickness. We did make the most of the day, however.

That morning I made her a cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury) with pink and purple sprinkles and then she opened up her Birthday gifts. She went with me to run errands for her party, that ended up being postponed. Then we picked up Adam to have lunch at Chick-Fil-A. She had fallen asleep in the car on the way there- that should have been my first clue. Adam went to work afterward. We spent the afternoon relaxing and playing with the new toys. That night she and I went to dinner at this fun local bakery/cafe called Madhatters. The kids' meals include a build your own cupcake dessert. They bring out a plain cupcake, a piping bag full of icing, and sprinkles. I realized she was sick during dinner. These pics aren't the best, but I had to have some of her on her actual 3rd Birthday. The little doll you see is named Minty Mindy. She turns into a cupcake: her skirt folds up around her and she has a little hard hat that looks like icing. It was one of those cheap finds at T.J. Maxx that is a hit- gotta love that!