Saturday, September 12, 2009

1st Day of 3 year old Class

This Wednesday Brady had her 1st day of school for the year. She is back at the preschool she went to last year, but this year she is going on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 9-12. Several of her "old" friends from the 2 year old class are back in the 3's this year so that has been really nice. She's even in the same room since the 2's and 3's are on opposite days. One of her teachers is new to the program this year and one subbed in B's class quite a bit last year, so she was a familiar face. Here we are about to get into the car to head to school (which is nearly walking distance away.) Can you tell we are excited?
Brady has been ready to go back to school for the last few weeks. The afternoon before school she had a visit from "the back to school fairy" who filled her school bag with new colored pencils, animal cards, and other goodies. (I got that idea on ? some one's blog, but tweaked it to my own liking.) She was wound up all afternoon and night! Thankfully, she did go to sleep promptly; but woke up early and ready to go right away.
We started a little tradition last year of going to Dunkin' Donuts to grab some breakfast on our way to drop daddy off at the hospital. She was thrilled to choose a donut with pink icing and sprinkles. When I took her in to her class she was a little apprehensive as I took pictures of her with her teachers. That was short lived; as soon as a couple of her friends arrived she was glad to start the school day and for me to leave. Brady had a great morning and so did her mom!

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