Thursday, January 21, 2010

Somebody is turning 4 Tomorrow

This sweet little bud has blossomed into this beautiful flower.
(She was very proud of transforming herself into this flower with dot markers during rest time one day this summer.)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures with Santa

I'm so over Christmas, as I'm sure you all are, but I feel the need to finish up a few Christmas posts before moving on to 2010. As always Brady was in awe and in love with Santa Claus. I think these turned out great.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Letter to Santa

This year Brady personally wrote her letter to Santa for the first time. I spelled for her (she sounded out what she could) and wrote a few letters, but otherwise it was completely her own doing. Be still my heart, was it ever hard for me to send this off to the North Pole. Check it out: Dear Santa, Why do you say Ho Ho ho? I would likePinkie Pie & Movie (a My Little Pony that was packaged with a movie), a laptop, & scooter.
I love you!, Brady
She also included illustration. The large green oval is a balloon, the orange object is a scooter, the light pink rectangular object is the laptop, the hot pink images at the top are Pinkie Pie and her movie, down on the bottom in blue is a paper airplane, scattered through-out are taste buds. Interesting, no? ( I think she included the paper airplane because she had recently seen some for the first time at the Advent Party. And the interest in taste buds was sparked by Sid the Science Kid- see below.)
And here is her self portrait. She included bangs (although she has none), a hair bow, eyelashes, ears with earrings (which she does not have), and taste buds lined up above her mouth. Can you see why it was difficult for me to part with this?

More Christmas Activities

Okay, I'm done with Christmas, but really wanted to post some more Christmas activities. I'll try (not promising anything to keep it brief and move on with 2010 as quickly as possible).

You may have noticed a theme of making pizzas shaped like something. On a whim one night we had a wreath-shaped pizza. So simple!
This is the reward for the hard work of making 10 dozen cookies. Grams' Famous Sugar Cookies-mmm and hot cocoa!
Some simple ornaments we made and gave to family members. We rolled out Model Magic (a great material for the littles. If you've never tried it get some. It's play doughish with no mess!) and then cut it with cookie cutters. B put beads for ornaments in some and drew with permanent markers after drying on others. We used a straw to make a hole at the top; after drying I placed a little hoop of ribbon through the hole, so that it can be hung easily onto a tree.
This is a creation we made with our Gingerbread play dough. The dough turned out very sticky. I think I got anxious and pulled the pot too quickly. We couldn't keep the dough for further use, but we enjoyed playing with it for awhile until our hands were tired of the stickiness. We added beads and rice to act as icing and candy on our pretend gingerbread creations. And as a side it smelled so good!
Here's my trusty assistant stirring away at the play dough pot. Sweet girl!