Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Home

We've now been in our home for a week. On July 1st Brady and I moved in to our new rent house. Adam came the next afternoon. He was a day late because the movers were a day late picking up our stuff and he spent some much needed time catching up with his cousin on the way here. Brady and I have now been in Little Rock for over a month. Without our stuff. Well, we packed our bags full of clothes, some books, a few toys, but really without our stuff. Why are we still here without our stuff? Because the movers still haven't arrived and we can't get them to answer our calls!!! We are beyond happy with our new place and feel so blessed to be where we are. So, another few days without our stuff, we'll take it.

No pictures of the new house yet- that'll come, so for now a picture from our last moving announcement.

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