Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Read This and Pray Please

Dear friends and followers,

I have much to discuss and catch up on, but that's not on the agenda for tonight's post.

I want to link you to my aunt's (actually my husband's aunt) blog. Aunt Nancy is a vibrant, fun-loving, God-following wife, mom, and grandmother who was recently diagnosed with ALS. Our family members and her countless friends are heartbroken over this diagnosis. We covet your prayers for her, her husband, four children, two son-in-laws, one daughter-in-law to-be, two grandsons, and the rest of us, all the many who love Nancy. Please read her blog "More to Say" and pray.

If you are interested in helping in another tangible way; you can purchase a "Helping Nancy Fight ALS" bracelet for $3. Her daughter, Anna Grace came up with this fantastic idea. If you are interested in a purchase you can contact me and we can get work out something.

Thank you - Ashley

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