Saturday, June 5, 2010

This Place

In April of '07 Adam and I traveled to Durham to find a place to live. I remember viewing the lush green trees, meeting friendly strangers, seeing college girls dressed in familiar (although shorter than HU regulation) ways, eating tasty fare and thinking, "I can do this. This is far, but not so different. We're gonna like it here. "

Our time in NC has been plagued by residency. It's taken a toll on us, on our marriage, but we have survived. (Or at least, we've almost survived as it is not quite over.) I think we could have REALLY loved this place had we not come here under these circumstances.

Ever since thinking about starting a blog I've wanted to have a post titled "I love this/hate this town." We quickly tabulated the places and things that were better and those that were worse than Little Rock-our only reference point. My list has changed somewhat over time and perhaps someday I'll write that post. In fact writing after moving back to LR might give it a whole new perspective.

As with any place, it's not so much the place as it is the people that make the place. And by golly, do I know some people that have made this place great for me. I'm going to miss them deeply. Too much to put into words here. So, we'll just skip all that. But, I'll also miss this place. This city. It's sights. This house. This is the house where my baby became a girl. We've had some times here. Oh this place, this city, this house, this yard. I'll miss it.

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