Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Projects

We've been very excited about Halloween this year. Here are a few projects we've completed. First up, this little clip frame. We love these little raw wood $1 frames from A. C. Moore. We've used them for several holidays and occasions. I set Brady up and she painted it. On the other side she drew the face on with a sharpie marker after the paint dried. (This pic was taken during the process.)
Then we painted a T-shirt. I helped quite a bit with the pumpkin itself. Spreading the paint out thinly is tricky. Brady painted the rest with little help.
Isn't that little face adorable? I asked if she wanted to paint her name and quickly realized that wasn't such a great idea. What was I thinking? Using a brush to make such fine lines is hard for experienced painters, much less a new writer! I should have let her use a Sharpie. Nonetheless, I think she did a great job. And she was definitely proud!
We had some paint left over so we made a stuffed brown bag pumpkin. It's in the back left. B also used a permanent to turn these mini pumpkins into pseudo jack-o-lanterns. This is a picture of the pumpkin patch she made and played with after all our crafting. The play was cut short when we suffered from a pumpkin casualty. Duke ate one of the little guys. No worries, there's plenty more Halloween Fun to come!

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