Monday, October 19, 2009

First Pair Of Jeans

Brady wore jeans for the first time last week! I know, I know she's 3 1/2 (technically 3 3/4 -yikes!). I am a bit of a kids' clothes snob. I don't judge others' choices, but for my little gal we've waited on the jeans. I thought about it last year, but just couldn't quite go for it, just too grown-up, I suppose. She did have a pair of denim overalls. The first day (and maybe the only?) she wore those I could sense her own intrepidation. She was quick to find the largest bow and girliest purse possible to complete the outfit. This fall I decided it was high time. So, we set off to buy her first pair of jeans. Who knew shopping for toddler jeans was nearly as tricky as getting a pair of women's? She was smack dab between a 3T and 4T. We went with 4T and a cuff. She was so proud! Too bad my camera was on some odd setting that turned these all super blurry because she was really into this little shoot. Hopefully you still get a sense of the excitement and cuteness anyhow. Below is the essential booty shot.


  1. Hi! Just got all caught up to this point on your blog! Brady is getting all grown up on us! Love your posts, pictures, stories and quotes. Thanks for keeping up with this. And we cannot wait to see you guys!

  2. Can't wait to see you either! You are not going to believe Brady!