Saturday, June 27, 2009

Constant Chatter #1

I'm going to try to use this blog as a source for keeping up with some of the funny or insightful things heard amidst Brady's Constant Chatter. Here's our first installment, vacation in Arkansas edition.

Brady and I were negotiating her meal.

Me: "Have 3 more drinks of your milk and then you can have some ice cream."

Brady (big eyed): "I was actually thinking the EXACT same thing."

While at the lake Brady was attached to my 10 year old cousin Lizzie. And Lizzie was usually glad for her companionship. One morning Lizzie went out on the boat before B had arisen. Brady was heart broken. She said (very dramatically with a little mist in her eyes), "Why is Lizzie not that into me this year."


  1. I'm cracking up, girl!

    Zanette took Zane to Harold & Hilda's to see the Baker crew. At first Lizzie was the only girl there and had Z all to herself...then the older two showed up and kinda took over. When Suzy left to take M & C to the airport, and Zanette was leaving to bring Zane back home, Lizzie leaned into Zanette and said, "Um, would you mind to just bring him back in a little bit?" Oh, what cuties....

  2. Too funny, Sarah! It looks like I'll be getting a little hand from Lizzie in a few weeks. We're all excited about that!