Saturday, June 6, 2009

ABC's and 123's Birthday Party

A few months before the big day I was so struck by the cuteness of some little alphabet pretzels that I got the idea to have letters and numbers be the theme for B's party. Brady has been very into the alphabet since she learned the letters at 18 months old and into counting since she was teeny tiny, so it seemed like a fun theme. I knew it might be my last year to dictate the theme, colors, etc. So, I went for it. Ironically, they stopped selling the pretzels when it came time for the party. No problem, we had plenty of great food that fit the bill. Alphabet pasta salad, letter-shaped PB&Js, number cheese slices, letter-shaped brownies, cookies, and cupcakes with tiny letter cookies on them.

Some of Brady's good friends from our playgroup came to the party. I made little coloring sheets that featured the first-letter of each kid's name. They used crayons and dot markers on the sheets. Then they spelled their names with little foam letter stickers and stuck them on acrylic frames. The guests also strung little foam beads onto pipe cleaners to make simple bracelets. We sang Happy Birthday, ate our refreshments, and the kids did a lot of playing. For the parting goody bags I stenciled the kids' initials and filled 'em up with gummy letters, alphabet stickers, and foam letter puzzles or hangman game for our big kid friends. (This pic was taken well after the party, notice the cluttered table.)

It was the perfect party for our little 3 year old Brady! Thank you friends for helping celebrate our girl's big day with your prescence. And we're thankful for the presents, too.


  1. Just found your blog...not even sure how!

    ADORABLE birthday party creative. I may have to remember it for Scott once he gets a little bigger.

  2. soooooo cute! i wish i had thought of that ;)

    it was so great seeing you the other day at church in little rock. i always love getting to talk to you. be sure and post pics of your trip :)