Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Tradition

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our 3rd "All Green All Day" St. Patrick's Day tradition. I'm a sucker for any holiday and any chance to celebrate in a special way. And a day full of green? I love it! So here's a look at some of our food and fun the past couple of years. How do I manage all green food? Well, I do cheat a bit. We eat lots of green veggies and fruits. In fact B and I made a Trader Joe's run this morning to choose green foods. In addition to those I use food coloring for water and milk. Once I added green to mac and cheese; I add it to laughing cow cheese and smear that on bread or crackers; we've had green pancakes; used green pasta, etc. We'll have green yogurt and treats of some sort and I bought a can of split pea soup- not sure if we'll like it, but decided this would be a good time to find out.

The last picture shows Brady searching for gold (Chuck E. Cheese) coins in her St. Pat's sensory tub- green lentils last year. She had a ball with this, but unfortunately stuck a lentil or two up her nose pretending they were smell molecules, thanks, Sid the Science Kid! Dr. Daddy and his attending couldn't see the lentil so it was decided to let it be, since it wasn't obstructing her breathing and was a natural material, her body would (did) absorb it eventually. We've done some other fun things over the years. When B was 2 we gathered all the green things we could and talked about the different shades and items. We'll revisit the lentil tub after a stern reminder and make some fun crafts over the next couple of days. B's preschool will be celebrating and we're going to a party at a friend's house tomorrow afternoon. It's sure to be a fun day!

Happy St. Patrick's/All Green All Day Day to you!!!


  1. I love this idea and honestly I love ALL your creative activities for holidays and special occasions! I told the teachers I was working with today about this and they were equally impressed! We all agree that art teachers possess special creativity unique to them! :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Well she is certainly not a picky eater, is she? I'm quite sure if I colored any of Jacob's food green the sight of it would make him gag. I feel so bad - we totally skipped this holiday. Didn't even eat broccoli (the one green thing Jacob does like.) I did have the boys wear green shirts, but later when we were out I thought it was so weird that everyone else in the kid's salon was wearing green...totally forgot. You are a great Mom! I'm sure no holiday will go uncelebrated at the Chandler household! Cute stuff!