Friday, January 8, 2010

Letter to Santa

This year Brady personally wrote her letter to Santa for the first time. I spelled for her (she sounded out what she could) and wrote a few letters, but otherwise it was completely her own doing. Be still my heart, was it ever hard for me to send this off to the North Pole. Check it out: Dear Santa, Why do you say Ho Ho ho? I would likePinkie Pie & Movie (a My Little Pony that was packaged with a movie), a laptop, & scooter.
I love you!, Brady
She also included illustration. The large green oval is a balloon, the orange object is a scooter, the light pink rectangular object is the laptop, the hot pink images at the top are Pinkie Pie and her movie, down on the bottom in blue is a paper airplane, scattered through-out are taste buds. Interesting, no? ( I think she included the paper airplane because she had recently seen some for the first time at the Advent Party. And the interest in taste buds was sparked by Sid the Science Kid- see below.)
And here is her self portrait. She included bangs (although she has none), a hair bow, eyelashes, ears with earrings (which she does not have), and taste buds lined up above her mouth. Can you see why it was difficult for me to part with this?

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